If there's one thing that Volcano Bingo does well - it's games, as there are absolutely loads of them for you to play. We try to make our bingo games appealing to a number of different tastes.

75 Ball Bingo

This game has you playing with 75 balls on a five by five grid with a free centre space. To win you just have to fill in five numbers on your card in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line or fill in a pre-set pattern. There is also only one winner here as opposed to a shared jackpot prize.



90 Ball Bingo

This game features a grid of three by nine and you will win if you fill in just one line on your card. Once you fill in one line the game will award the next person to get two lines complete and then anyone that fills every line, which is known as a Full House. Plus, for each bingo win the prizes get bigger.

When you go to play bingo games online you could check out our All or Nothing game every Saturday that has £50 to win for 5p per ticket, or our Balance Booster game that has a £250 jackpot to win on the 15th of every month. There are plenty of other bingo rooms open all day long if you're looking to get your bingo fix so be sure to check them all out. If you're looking to play bingo games for money you won't have to hunt around for too long as we have lots of them!

We offer a great bingo experience on Volcano Bingo, so register now and check them out for yourself!